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No More Tedious Grinding: Buy Adena Now!

Korean MMORPG Lineage II has been around for more than a decade. All because it has a pretty unique gameplay, which was ahead of its time by the end of the 2000s. The thing is the Lineage's world offers a well-structured and realistic alternative reality, which has its own:

The latter is extremely crucial, if you're serious about making it to the top ranks either as a member of your clan/guild or solo. This is why it's important to have an ample amount of Lineage adena — the in-game famous currency. Of course it's not the only type of money that L2 realms know. But it's as universal as the dollar bill. And, to be honest, it's almost as hard to hustle for as the real-life dough.

Adena can be used for various purposes:

In other words adena in Lineage II is as necessary as oxygen: your character's progress and leveling up greatly depend on your financial well-being in the game. This is why it is recommended to buy adena Lineage 2 currency. Of course you can rely on your personal money-grinding skills and luck. The most lucrative enterprises in Lineage II, including servers Chronos and Naina, include:

As you can see, there's numerous ways you can choose to earn funds, to quote the classic track. But still it will take a tremendous amount of time until you finally make enough of adena to pay for whatever upgrades and items you desperately need at the moment.

L2 buy adena by far is the wisest choice for every Lineage II fan, who value their time. is proud to present the best deals on the in-game money.

The currency is offered at generous prices. For example, for only $10 you get to snatch 1 billion adena on both Naina and Chronos servers. On other servers prices and exchange rate may vary. But it's guaranteed that you'll get a giant amount of adena anyway.

Instead of endless, tiresome and time-consuming money grind, you'll get to enjoy the game straight away. Even for only a dollar you can get 100 million adena on Chronos, which is enough to turn the tides in your favor. believes that fun in Lineage II mustn't be killed by the monotony of senseless grinding. So don't hesitate and order adena from us right now!