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Forget Farming — Buy Adena for Lineage 2 Classic!

Every Lineage adept knows how instrumental adena is, when it comes to leveling up, mob-slaying and PVPing. The same is true for Lineage 2 classic NA as well. Only one problem though: adena, like all good things, comes to only those, who hustle. And sadly it may take a whole lot of time, before the funds you need for upgrading your arsenal are finally in your hands. is to the rescue! In our shop you can buy adena in monstrous amount at a very democratic price. For instance, on servers Giran, Gludio, Aden or Talking Island for only $10 you can purchase 6+ million adena. But you can select the price, which suits your needs best, starting with just one dollar.

Here's what our L2 Classic adena offer will liberate you from:

Now you can spend more effort on the real fun of PVP, raids and forging clans and alliances with your friends. Simply buy adena L2 Classic NA and forget countless hours of grinding.

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Get the best equipment, make your opponents shy away and deal with the toughest bosses no sweat. Travel from one realm to another, easily complete the quests and be the master of your Lineage II destiny. Don't waste your time on the boring grind. Save your nerves and energy. Squeeze all the fun out of Lineage 2 you want. And never again worry if you have enough of adena.

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