Answers to popular Mygmsy service questions
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How to pay for the order?

1. Choose the Project on which the play (left side of website), then fill in the Calculator top to bottom:

2. Choose a server. When you select the server in the field " PAY "will automatically enter the minimum amount of payment, which can be changed in a big way, and the field" get " automatically calculates how much you get Adena.

Calculator works in the opposite direction, ie enter the Required amount of Adena in the "Obtain", and he will calculate how much it will cost.

3. Be sure to fill in the field "Email for bonus", the specified email will receive a payment check and it will be tied to the cumulative bonuses.

4. Then proceed to checkout "Proceed to Payment". New page fill:

- Nickname of the character to whom the order will be delivered;

- delivery Method: mail or trade;

- it is Desirable to specify 1 or more convenient ways to contact you;

- Next Click on "Pay Orde". Where we will be redirected to G2A Pay, from the presented payment methods choose Convenient, pay and receive the order;

How to get the order after payment?

- Mail, inside the game;

- Exchange (from hand to hand in Giran GK);

- the Average delivery time of the order is 5-15 minutes during working hours. If you Specify the method of delivery "from hand to hand" after payment, please contact us through the "Online chat on the site" lower right corner of the site;

Working time?

- Orders are Accepted 24/7;

- Orders are delivered from 12: 00 to 01: 00 Moscow time;

What are the payment methods?

- We accept Payment via G2A Pay: Visa/MasterCard, PayPAl, Skrill, Yandex, Qiwi, WebMoney and many others;

How do I contact you?

- Our Contacts.

Can I sell Aden / items to you?

- Yes you can, please contact our contacts with the Server and number;

Can I exchange Adena from one server to another?

- If the server is in demand then Yes, check with the operator;

What is the minimum purchase amount?

- For each server it is different, the minimum purchase amount is displayed when you select the server;

What should I do if I am not answered by contacts?

- Most Likely you applied outside working hours, but you will be answered during working hours;

Realize character leveling?

- Yes, we do, please contact us for more details.